Build wealth creation systems that everyone can use and share to live a rich life.

Crowdfunding Cooperatives Technology


To enjoy our full measure of happiness.

CoopCrowd™ has combined Crowdfunding & Cooperatives, Technology & Digital Currency, Blockchain & Web3.0 and the Real World with Virtual Worlds to give you your best opportunity to live a rich life.

CoopCrowd™ was built to provide you with sustainable income building systems and allow you to build generational and legacy wealth.

We will deliver our wealth building strategies through our CoopNFT™ to create a reoccurring income stream and appreciable wealth.

CoopCrowd™ grows your money for you to live a rich life.

We started it all in 2001


Our founder David T Rosen created the world's first global crowdfunding system, 5 Star Exchange in March 2001, and we have been successfully delivering great crowdfunding systems without interruption around the globe for two decades. Today our systems are operating in over 170 countries globally and have helped people receive more than one billion dollars. At the time we called crowdfunding, a peer-to-peer exchange system, as the term crowdfunding wasn't coined until 2006.

You deserve your
full measure of happiness


David created crowdfunding in 2001 out of need, like many of you today, at the time he was experiencing severe hardship. However, like most things David does, he didn’t want to just help himself and he created a solution to help others in a similar predicament because everyone deserves to enjoy their full measure of happiness.


Everyone everywhere can use and share CoopCrowd™ for just $1 a day and complete two steps to reach a sustainable wealth building income that can be passed down generationally.

Technological advances, especially over the last 5 years, have helped us accomplish David’s goal of creating an income-system that can help 95% of the population live debt free, stress free and financially free.

Debt Free, Stress Free,
Financially Free


Since 2006 David’s goal was to build wealth building systems that 95% of the population could use and share to live a debt free, stress free and financially free life. To accomplish that goal, he knew the systems needed to be affordable, easy to understand and rewarding.

CoopCrowd™ meets those objectives and allows David to accomplish his goal.

The Cooperative Age


We are now living in what David has coined - The Cooperative Age.

For us to survive in the 21st Century we must rely on each other and leverage our relationships to each other’s advantage for everything. We can no longer rely on big business for an income or governments to “bail us out”.


Crowdfunding 2.0 meets Web 3

Over the last few years David has been developing a Cooperative Crowdfunding™ System, CoopCrowd™, which is Crowdfunding 2.0, and allows everyone to use crowdfunding to raise money for everything including an income.

While David was building CoopCrowd™, others around the world have been building Web 3, first thought of in 1999 by Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the Internet.


Web 3 is the decentralization of the Internet, allowing us to take back control over our content. it also, affords companies like CoopCrowd™ to implement strategies to allow you to earn money in much the same way as major financial institutions and more.

Who Is David T Rosen


Our founder David T Rosen has been an entrepreneur since the age of 9 and has created multiple ground-breaking global firsts.

in 1985 David created The Wow Card, which was the world's first loyalty card, today virtually every retail chain, every bank and every credit card uses a loyalty card to win and keep customers loyalty.

In 1993 David created the world's first Internet Mall, The Wow Mall, which was an online mall and had over 1000 stores.


In 2001 David created the world's first global crowdfunding system, 5 Star Exchange.

In 2022 David introduced CoopCrowd™, a revolutionary crowdfunding system that is changing the way we raise money for everything. Individuals of all walks of life, charities, not -for-profits, businesses big and small and even countries will use crowdfunding 2.0 to raise money.



David has always said “if not me then who”?

That is why he has continued to improve upon his systems, since 2006 he knew technology would doom the Industrial Age and eliminate hundreds of millions of jobs and he knew we would require new ways to earn an income to survive.

Rich is a beautiful word

It means:

Having goods, property,
and/or money in