CoopCrowd™ is the world’s only Cooperative Crowdfunding™ System and give in CoopCrowd, are you are rewarded:

  • We turn your giving into your receiving!
  • We set you up with your own CoopCrowd™ campaign to receive the money you want!
  • We cooperatively raise funds to help us each reach our goals faster!

Receive The Funds You Want
With $1-A-Day

CoopCrowd™ is a unique crowdfunding system that uses automation, artificial intelligence, and advanced math to provide users with a frictionless approach to fundraising.

  • Raise money for everything with $1-A-Day
  • Pay monthly expenses, get out of debt, fund your big idea, give to your favourite causes, help a friend - you choose!
  • Generate a predictable ongoing passive income

The 3 Doable Steps!

Step 1 -

What's Your 84

Choose “your 84”, which is your why and how much money you require to make it a reality using our 84 Day Challenge!

Step 2 -

Start Your Business

Start your business for a one time out of pocket $84, which provides you with 3 Coop25 Tokens, each token gives the 28 Days in business.

Step 3 -

Pay It Forward

Activate your ongoing passive income by sending 1 Coop25 Token to 3 or more people who will do the same.


Pay It Forward

CoopCrowd™ uses a Pay It Forward approach to building generational wealth, which helps you reach your financial goals and receive the money you want faster. When you Pay It Forward to 3 or more people who do the same, it activates CoopCrowd’s automated systems. Which allows you to maximize your income, cover your $1 -A-Day subscription and receive an ongoing passive income. You receive your CoopCrowd royalties immediately and can withdraw your money daily.

"If you want thousands to pay your monthly bills, tens of thousands to get out of debt, or more to fund your big idea... CoopCrowd Is Your Solution!"

Receive Money for Everything

If you need thousands for monthly expenses or tens of thousands to get out of debt,
CoopCrowd™ can quickly help you if you need millions to wake up your big idea.