Cancer Survivor Retreat - Help the Warriors that survived!


What it means to most of us………
It happened to someone else.......
We raise money for someone else.......
We grieve for someone else........

But what if it happens to you?

Well, it did happen to me, and I know firsthand what kind of life you have after you are diagnosed. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer in 2018 and my doctors had hoped that chemo and radiation were going to take care of the disease. Well, it didn’t and now in 2020, it has metastases into my bones. There is no cure, just drugs that you can’t afford to “manage” the disease. But there is no time to wallow in self-pity though. Taking care of myself, staying positive and carrying on as though my life hasn’t been turned upside down is what I choose.
I also choose to help others that have been just diagnosed, living with the effects and surviving the havoc that chemo and radiation wreaks.

I would like to raise money not for cancer research but for life before and after cancer.
What happens to the ones that survive or are suffering the aftereffects?
We go through our treatments; we take our medications and we are expected to go back to where our lives left off before Cancer

We look “Normal”, so why aren’t we working? Why aren’t we running a 5K?
What people don’t understand is that you have to start from where cancer left off.

That this is the new normal

What I would like to do is start a Retreat where people with not only after-effects of Cancer but have just been diagnosed and starting their journey, are in Stages 1, 2, 3 or 4. Where they can learn what to do next and how to live from here.
How to eat
How to exercise
How to meditate
Herbal remedies
Self Esteem
Processing your diagnosis
Dealing with different after affects from radiation and chemotherapy
What to expect from your treatments and what can happen during and after
Feeling human after being poked and prodded for a year or more
Neuropathy treatments
Lymphedema alternatives and methods that help
Group sessions to deal with life during and after Cancer
Getting back into the game of life

Please donate to help a loved one get back to their new “NORMAL”........

Many Cancers are survivable today
We need to help the ones that did!

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