Take The First Step


Just 3
Simple Steps!

Step 1

You become An Active Donor.

Step 2

Help 3 others become Active Donors.

Step 3

They Help 3 others become Active Donors.

CoopCrowd is the world's first Cooperative Crowdfunding System, and it can be your answer to helping all of your favorite causes, generating a sustainable income, and enjoying an abundant lifestyle.

In a Cooperative, we each do a little so that all may receive a lot, and in CoopCrowd we've made reaching your goals and maximizing your fundraising efforts easy in just 3 steps!

Your 3 Steps

Step 1

Set up your $1-A-Day subscription and become an Active Donor.

Step 2

Help 3 or more people become Active Donors because that covers your subscription.

Step 3

Have your 3 or more people do the same because that makes you a Qualified Donor.

What is CoopCrowd?

  • World' s first Cooperative Crowdfunding System
  • We turn givers into receivers
  • Raise funds as a team

What are the benefits of
CoopCrowd's Cooperative
Crowdfunding System?

  • You're never alone in your fundraising efforts.
  • Receive donations from up to 10 generations.
  • Receive from 10,000's of people.

What else makes
so great and unique?

  • Subscription Fundraising
  • Receive $$$ Immediately
  • Receive donations forever

Who should I go to and where do I raise funds for CoopCrowd?

  • Friends and family
  • Circle of influence
  • Globally

There are multiple ways
to receive donations in

  • Your personal efforts
  • Efforts by your Team above
  • Efforts by your Team below

There multiple types of
donations I can receive in

  • Initial donations
  • Renewal donations
  • One-time donations

Who can raise money with
CoopCrowd ?

  • All Individual Causes
  • All Charitable Causes
  • All Business Causes

How can
help me?

  • Help you pay your bills
  • Help your favorite cause
  • Help fund your big idea

What are the ways I can
join CoopCrowd?

  • Campaign Donor
  • Active Donor
  • Qualified Donor

What are the best ways
to benefit in CoopCrowd?

  • Become an Active Donor and then a Qualified Donor
  • Campaign Donor and become an Active Donor
  • Campaign Donor

How do I become an Active Donor and what should I do in CoopCrowd?

  • Setup A $28 or $84 subscription
  • Setup your campaign
  • Share your campaign

How do I become a Qualified Donor in CoopCrowd?

  • Become an Active Donor
  • Help 3 or more become Active Donors
  • Your Active Donors do the same

Why do I want to quickly become a Qualified Donor?

  • Maximize your receiving
  • Receive Cooperative bonus
  • Support your cause & team

How and when do I get my money through CoopCrowd?

  • Setup your campaign in minutes
  • Receive your money immediately
  • Withdraw your money immediately

Getting started in CoopCrowd

  • Free
  • $28 subscription - Good Deal
  • $84 Subscription - BEST VALUE

Sounds great because in CoopCrowd we:

  • Fund one and fund all
  • Fund our way to wealth
  • Have a ton of fun(d)!

Get with the crowd...