Your 84 Day Challenge!

What would you do in 84 days if you had all the money that you ever wanted or needed?

Well, that is what this challenge is about.

Why $84 option is best for YOU!

Because most of us (us included) need more than 28 days to get our head wrapped around a new idea or get our act together, we highly recommend registering for 84 Days to give yourself the breathing room to achieve your desired success. We all need room to grow.

Think about it, it’s just $1 a day to get a license to your very own crowdfunding system, to receive all the money that you want and need, to wake up all of your dreams.

Get your act together!

It is a proven fact that most of us need more than 28 days to get our acts together. By making your subscription for 84 days you are giving yourself the time you need to set up your campaign, use the tools on your dashboard to grow your team and share your campaign with a few friends.

One of the questions that we asked you was “What’s Your 84?” because we believe that if you modestly apply yourself to our 3-Minute A-Day plan, you can wake up all your dreams or at the very least, be well on your way to achieving them.

Get ahead!

We also believe that by setting up your CoopCrowd System for 84 days, you will NEVER need to reach into your pocket or use your credit card again for future donations; to give you comfort, we will NOT recharge your credit card. That’s how much we believe in our system and your abilities to make it work.

Remember... your team will follow your lead - they will do what you do. So, set the example and show them the right way; they may need the 84 days as well.


One last item, when you make the commitment of 84 days, we also make a bigger commitment to you. You will automatically be able to receive on 3 full Crowd Stages! That means while you’re getting your arms around CoopCrowd, your team may be building around you and can receive even more!

Get ahead of the game!

Imagine, just $1 a day, a few friends and only 3-Minutes-A- Day effort by you can allow you to live DEBT Free, STRESS Free and FINANCIALLY Free, forever!

We challenge you to wake up your own dreams and have everything that you have ever wanted!