Del Bueno - Imperfect is Perfection

Del Bueno Producer Integration Project

Our world is disintegrating around us, we are all conscious of it and try our best to recycle and drive less. We are cognizant that we need to save our wildlife, not to litter and are even looking at sustainable packages when we shop. But there is so much more that we don’t even realize is going on.

We are a society of wasters, we throw out everything because it is designed to fail not to fix.

Have you seen a TV repairman around lately? But not only are we wasting electronics and appliances we are wasting food! And guess what people are hungry!


What does that mean?

Did you know that from farm to your table 1 billion tons of food each year is wasted?

3.4 billion acres of produce can not be used?

This equates to a landmass of Canada and India combined, 150,000 shipping containers every day!

Thrown in the trash! Can you wrap your head around that?

Let us explain……..When a farmer grows his crops, only 66% is fit to send to the grocery stores because they are not perfect.

This means that shiny, plump red tomato, sparkling crisp apples, perfectly green beans, and nothing but perfectly sized and round potatoes.

This is the only produce we will see in the store.

What happens to that 2 headed carrots, the beauty of nature?

Well, it goes in the garbage because stats show we aren’t going to pay for imperfection with our hard-earned money. So, guess what? This is where Del BuenoProducer Integration comes in!

They take the imperfect 33% and turn it into beautiful food that can be enjoyed all over the world by us the consumer. Del Bueno ProducerIntegration never sees imperfection, only nutritious delicacies. Del Bueno Producer Integration is a project designed to reduce food waste in a profitable way. They turn every ounce of produce into ready to use foods, environmentally friendly products such as plates, bowls, and utensils as well as biofuels for energy.

Not a smidgen is wasted by Del Bueno. Del Bueno Producer Integration cares about our environment and our way of life. Food waste is a tragedy when there are so many hungry people in the world, let us feed everyone!

Help everyone on our planet to stay healthy and nourished by donating!

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