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Welcome to ARNE Hop's
CoopCrowd™ campaign, they
are raising funds for personal

  • ARNE Hop's Goal is More Than $50,000
  • 4 Personally Invited Donors
  • 17 Donors in their Cooperative
  • 52 Total Number of Donations Received
We Turn Givers Into
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For just a $1 a day and a willingness to help others, you will receive your CoopNFT™ to build a viable income, pay all your monthly expenses, help all your favourite causes, wake up all your dreams and build sustainable wealth to live a rich life!


CoopCrowd™ is the world’s first Cooperative Crowdfunding™ System and the first system to turn your giving into your receiving.

We split each donation to help multiple causes instead of just one. CoopCrowd™ provides 3 types of recurring income to allow you to live a rich life.

Additionally, CoopCrowd™ is a revolutionary ever-expanding Crowdfunding Metaverse™ built on Web 3.0 blockchain technology.

just 2 steps to
receive money


Buy 3 Coop25 NFT's for a one time
out of pocket $84


Choose 3 friends to Give it Forward
to who will each do the same

That's it!

Then what?

Nothing, YOU'RE DONE!

Let's have fund!