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Welcome, CoopCrowd is the world's first Cooperative Crowdfunding System and it can be your answer to assisting all of your favorite causes, and you enjoying an abundant lifestyle.

To ensure that happens, be a driver and not simply a passenger in CoopCrowd by sharing your favorite cause with everyone.

Be sure to read about all the great stuff CoopCrowd has done to help you.

What is CoopCrowd?

  • World' s first Cooperative Crowdfunding System
  • We turn givers into receivers
  • Raise funds as a team

What are the benefits of
CoopCrowd's Cooperative
Crowdfunding System?

  • You're never alone in your fundraising efforts
  • Receive donations from over 10 generations below
  • Receive from 10,000's of people you don't know

What else makes
so great and unique?

  • Subscription Fundraising
  • Receive $$$ Immediately
  • Receive donations forever

Who should I go to and where do I raise funds for CoopCrowd?

  • Friends and family
  • Circle of influence
  • Globally

There are multiple ways
to receive donations in

  • Your personal efforts
  • Efforts by your Team above
  • Efforts by your Team below

There multiple types of
donations I can receive in

  • Initial donations
  • Renewal donations
  • One-time donations

Who can raise money with
CoopCrowd ?

  • All Individual Causes
  • All Charitable Causes
  • All Business Causes

How can
help me?

  • Help you pay your bills
  • Help your favorite cause
  • Help fund your big idea

What are the ways I can
join CoopCrowd

  • Campaign Donor
  • Active Donor
  • Qualified Donor

What are the best ways
to benefit in CoopCrowd

  • Become an Active Donor and then a Qualified Donor
  • Campaign Donor and become an Active Donor
  • Campaign Donor

How do I become an Active Donor and what should I do in CoopCrowd

  • Setup A $28 or $84 subscription
  • Setup your campaign
  • Share your campaign

How do I become a Qualified Donor in CoopCrowd?

  • Become an Active Donor
  • Help 3 or more become Active Donors
  • Your Active Donors do the same

Why do I want to quickly become a Qualified Donor?

  • Maximize your receiving
  • Receive Cooperative bonus
  • Support your cause & team

How and when do I get my money through CoopCrowd?

  • Setup your campaign in minutes
  • Receive your money immediately
  • Withdraw your money immediately

Getting started in CoopCrowd

  • Free
  • $28 subscription - Good
  • $84 Subscription - BEST

Sounds great because in CoopCrowd we

  • Fund one and fund all
  • Fund our way to wealth
  • Have a ton of fund

Get with the crowd...