Why CoopCrowd?

Being a cooperative, CoopCrowd makes reaching your fundraising goals almost effortless, enjoyable and substantially more rewarding than all other crowdfunding platforms.

You get to help all your favourite causes and by being a part of the CoopCrowd Cooperative, you will never be alone in reaching your all fundraising objectives.

CoopCrowd helps way more!

Why CoopCrowd Works For Everyone?

The real genius of CoopCrowd is in being the world’s first Cooperative Crowdfunding System.

Here are just 3 of most unique aspects of CoopCrowd:

  • We split each donation to help over ten causes instead of just one
  • You can receive and withdraw your donations immediately
  • And the best part is… we turn givers into receivers

Making CoopCrowd way more FUND!

Setup Your
Campaign Free


Receive & Withdraw
Funds Immediately

You can get started in CoopCrowd for free and receive an unlimited amount of one-time donations.

However, the ultimate benefit is in becoming an Active Donor for just $1-A-Day and being a part of the ever growing Cooperative.

This allows you to reach your goals way faster, quickly help all your favourite causes and possibly receive donations over and over every day forever!

Fundraising Ideas

Here’s several ideas to give you an idea of what you can raise money for and if you don’t see your idea, join us and setup a campaign for your cause. Whatever that may be because in CoopCrowd, we each do a little to all receive a lot!

If you need hundreds for bills, thousands to get out of debt or millions to wake up your big idea — CoopCrowd can help!

Get Out Of Debt



Not For Profit











You Decide

Everything You Need To Be A Success

One of the awesome benefits of setting up a subscription and being part of The Cooperative is; we provide you with multiple webistes, great CoopToolz and expert training & support to help ensure all your cuases reach their fundraising goals.


The worlds most rewarding crowdfunding system.

Marketing Tools

The worlds most rewarding crowdfunding system.

Training & Support

The worlds most rewarding crowdfunding system.

Receive Money For Everything For Just $!-A-Day

We highly recommend you choose the one-time out of pocket, 84-day option to help ensure you give yourself your best opportunity to reach all your funding goals. We know how important reaching all your goals are to you and that’s why we nudgingly recommend the 84-day choice.

Besides, it’s just a $1-A-Day and we know helping all your favorite causes are worth it!

28$ + plus credit card fees
28 days

28-Day subscription.

In The Cooperative.

Can Renew from wallet

Receive Maximum Donations

Receive Donations Immediately

84$ + plus credit card fees
84 days

One-Time Out-Of-Pocket

84-Days no subscription

In The Cooperative

Renews from wallet on day 85

Receive Maximum Donations

Receive Donations Immediately


Receive One-time Donations.

Receive Donations Immediately

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