Cooperative Crowdfunding

Cooperatively raise funds for personal, charitable, or business reasons.
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Watch and learn more about the world’s first Cooperative Crowdfunding System


CoopCrowd™ is the world’s first Cooperative Crowdfunding™ System and the first system to immediately turn your giving into your receiving™.

There are dozens of reasons that make CoopCrowd unique. Here are just three; you are never alone in your fundraising efforts, we split each donation to help multiple causes instead of just one, and once you've completed the 3-steps you can receive enough donations in perpetuity to last you a lifetime.

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uses a Pay It Forward
approach to wealth building.

CoopCrowd™️ uses a Pay It Forward approach to building generational wealth.

Using our Pay It Forward approach helps ensure everyone reaches their financial goals faster and receives the money needed to enjoy their full measure of happiness.

3-steps to immediately turn your giving into your receiving and fund your way to wealth!

Just 3-steps


Choose “Your 84”, which is your why and how much you require to make it a reality. It could be to cover your monthly expenses, get out of debt, help your favorite causes – you choose.


Get started with a one-time out of pocket $84 for your first 84 days and receive a bonus 28 days.


During the next 84 days Pay It Forward and help a few friends get started who will do the same for a few friends. That qualifies you to receive maximum donations and activates CoopCrowd’s automation.
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Then What?
Nothing, You're DONE!

When you Pay It Forward to your 3 friends who do the same, it activates CoopCrowd's artificial intelligence, covers your $1 -A-Day subscription, and allows you to receive an unlimited amount of donations to last you a life time.

That's why we say "YOU'RE DONE!"

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Receive Money for Everything

If you need thousands for monthly expenses or tens of thousands to get out of debt,
CoopCrowd™ can quickly help you if you need millions to wake up your big idea.

Coop Gets You Money!

Your Money

You will receive your money immediately and can withdraw your funds daily because CoopCrowd™ uses the world's first "private decentralized" wallet, CoopWallet™.CoopCrowd™ is a subscription-based crowdfunding system, which means you can receive royalty payments every second of every day in perpetuity.There are no limits to the amount of money you can receive and no holds when you want to withdraw your money.

Your Success

CoopCrowd™ has spent almost two decades reimagining our systems to give you the best opportunity to live a rich and fulfilling life. You are provided access to a real-time dashboard, CoopNFT™, personalized sites, marketing tools, training, and expert support to help ensure your success.

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